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Welcome to NENAI

Opportunities for YOU:

  • The 2013 NENAI Calendar, Northeast Native Americans POSED ON POSTCARDS, is ON SALE NOW at just $10.00 (regularly $12.00) plus $3.00 shipping & handling in single quantities. Click here to view details and order!

  • "Last Lands of the Pegans" is an informational pamphlet with the history of the Nipmuck Reservation from 1681-1890 with names, dates, and maps. You may find your family name in here if you have ancestral connections to the Pegan band of Nipmucks. Click the title or image to order, $3.50 plus $1.00 for mailing.

  • NENAI T-Shirts! The New England Native American Institute has a limited amount of Navy Blue T-shirts at the special sale price of $15 $9.00. We have sizes 1X, 2X and 3X, Click the title or image to order.

  • Book: The Indians of the Nipmuck Country in Southern New England, 1630-1750: An Historical Geography, by Dennis A. Connole.      To read more details and to order the book through the NENAI Store, click the title or here!

The New England Native American Institute is a tax-exempt non-profit Massachusetts corporation functioning as an Indian-controlled center, located in Worcester Massachusetts.

The Institute collaborates with Native American researchers, representatives of regional Indian nations, non-Indian scholars and others. Its work is to further a scholarly study and appreciation of New England's rich and unique Native American history and culture. The Institute has been active in many areas including:

  • Preserving a still growing collection of Indian artifacts, documents, photographs and other objects for an eventual Native American museum in the central Massachusetts area.
  • Initiating an Indian oral history archive of video tapes of elders and tribal activities.
  • Conducting Native American community-based adult educational cycles exploring facets of Indian life ways and native spirituality.
  • Identifying regional Native American historical and archeological sites for documentation preservation and protection.
  • Conducting workshops, conferences, and providing speakers
  • Selling and buying culturally appropriate items for educational and fund raising purposes.
  • Publishing informational pamphlets about history and culture of local Native people, and tracing one's Native roots.

For more information about these and other activities, contact:

The New England Native American Institute
P.O. Box 306
Hubbardston. MA 01452
Phone 508 886-6073

We're glad you've found our site. Please view the information we present on these pages, and contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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